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No One is Perfect, But You are a Perfect Mother

My mom is on of my biggest fans.  She read my blog post today, and then on the phone told me that I was a perfect mother.  No one is perfect she said, but you are still a perfect mother.  The critical side of me winced as a dozen “unperfect” actions from today alone flew through my mind.  I am not perfect, I thought.  Far, far from it

Then, I told her, you were a perfect mother too.  Funny thing though, I don’t think she believed me.  But I meant it.  Every thing she did, any mistake that she thought she made, every decision, every choice; they all shaped the experiences I had, and made me who I am today.  I would not change any of it.  Not one little bit. 

See, I’ve learned two very important things since I have become a mom.
1. Your mother loves you VERY, very much.  More than you can ever possibly imagine.  She wants only the best for you.  She would do anything for you.  You mean everything to her. 

2. Motherhood is crazy. It makes us a little looney, short tempered, and grumpy.  It is hard.  Very hard.  It tries our patience every second of every day.  Sometimes we want to run screaming in the opposite direction of our children.  Sometimes we throw a pot of mashed potatoes on the floor.   Sometimes we just have to scream. 

So, I know my mom did everything she could for me.  I know she, along with my dad, raised me to the best of their ability.  Any arguments we had or struggles we endured were there only because she cared about me and wanted the best for me.  Even when she fired me.  Even when I quit.  Even when she fired me again.  Or when I quit again.  Or locked me outside.  Or when I got out of the car in the middle of traffic.  I could go on…  but I’ll just say…

Thanks, Mom.  For putting up with me all those years.  For loving me even when I was a teenager.  For not running screaming in the other direction.  For always being there for me.  For being my biggest fan.  And for being my best best girlfriend.  I love you so much.  You are a perfect mom no matter what you say, because you have always loved me.  I only hope I can be as spectacular a mom to my boys as you have been to me. 



  • Cindy

    Very nice post! I also love my Mom so much!! It is great to have good mommies! You are a great Mom, you are perfect to your boys, you love them and that is what matters. Nothing else. I think as long as we love our children, that is what matters.

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