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Not for the Faint of Heart…

Imagine you’re lying on your back, body tense, eyes blinking at the ceiling.  Your legs are drawn up to your chest, you are red faced and crying with pain.  Mom is by your side, holding on to your legs as she tries to keep you calm while you push with all your might.  All of a sudden, it’s over.  You take a deep breath and smile, knowing the joy that comes after an experience like this.  
This was the scene on Nathans changing table a couple nights ago.  
Gross.  I know.  Sorry.  You thought I was telling a birth story right?  Nope.  For some reason I feel compelled to talk about Poo tonight.    
So, if you are still reading, you may be wondering why I am coaching my son through his Poos?  Because I am his mom.  And because he has been having some “issues” as we say in our house.  The poor little guy just can’t get it out.  So, the prescription: Peaches, Pears, Plums are in, and rice cereal and bananas are out.  He has to eat pureed prunes or drink prune juice every day.  Yuck.  But… this means I get to get creative in the kitchen.  Today I enjoyed making baby Quinoa cereal (since we are avoiding gluten), tomorrow I’m making another batch of organic pears, and next week I’m working on peaches and plums.  I also stocked the cupboard with Earth’s Best pears, sweet potatoes, and prunes.  Nathan…. we’re gonna work out this issue.  Literally! 

Mmmmnnn, Prunes!


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    I still have this really vivid memory of being about 6 and on the road to LA with my parents and my baby brother. He kept crying and crying and then before I knew it, we were on the side of the road and my dad was "helping" him with something that got "stuck." lol! I'll never let him forget it πŸ™‚

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