01mrm,  Pregnancy

No, I will not pick up your magazine.

I had one of those moments yesterday when I knew my life had really changed. I was in Lassens, stocking up on gluten free crackers for me and Lucas. I felt totally frazzled, you know, hadn’t showered in two days, my sweatshirt was covered in baby boogers, my pants falling down from the weight of Lucas on my back, and I’m pretty sure my shoe was untied. I stood in line, and noticed the girl in front of me. She had a tight fur lined jacket on over sweatpants and tight boots. Her hair was long and flowing perfectly. As it neared her turn she reached over me to replace the magazine she had been reading and it fell to the floor at my feet. She looked at me as if I should pick it up for her. Me? Me with my four hands completely occupied, bend over to pick something up while holding Lucas for the one hundreth time today? “No, I don’t think so missey. Do it yourself.” I stepped back. She picked it up. One-Zero in favor of the frazzled mom. Next I noticed her purchase – Chocolate, and green onions. What the !? I busied myself by searching for my wallet and looked up just in time to see the twenty something curly haired checker boy flash her a smile and give her a once over. All of a sudden I realized, that is never going to happen to me again. And at this moment, there is not even a chance on this earth of that happening to me. I am a mom, with a pony tail and glasses and wrinkled jeans and crusty sweatshirt. I decide to see if the checker boy will smile at me… a desperate last attempt. I pay for my food and while Lucas yanks my ponytail from the carrier on my back I flash him a smile on my way out. He smiles back… YES! But wait, was that a pitty smile? I decide not to look back, I’ll just pretend that I got the once over on the way out too.


  • Julie Henderson

    I am not a mom, but look like total crap half the time. My new rule is I will at least have make-up before Chad rushes me out the door. If I am in CA and you ever need a break to shower, rest, do somthing girly, and/or shop just let me know and I will take Lucas for a bit.

  • Suzanne Jeanette

    Thanks girls!
    I like that makeup idea. I have been trying to talk myself into that… makeup, and contacts would make a huge difference… Maybe I need to add that to my resolutions. πŸ™‚

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