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The search is over, baby-friendly gluten free crackers

There is strong history of Celiac Disease in my family, so I have been playing it safe with my son Lucas, keeping him gluten free for his first year. I had to get pretty creative as he began graduating to finger foods. While other parents carried around their Gerber Puffs and goldfish crackers, I set out in search of something that would dissolve easily in his mouth without choking him. After trying numerous products, as well as a few recipes, here is what I found to work the best.

Glutino Crackers (we liked the plain, and cheddar varieties the best).

These dissolve well and also break easily so he doesn’t get too much in his mouth at once. They are somewhat addicting and have a great buttery flavor, so they dissapear quickly in our household.

Hol Grain Brown Rice Crackers

These are very thin, and worked great as he sort of sucked on them, and bit pieces off. I didn’t worry about him choking because they are very light and thin crackers. I also liked these because there were not a lot of additives, and they were very bland.

I bought both these boxes of crackers at my local health food store, Lassens.

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