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Crock Pot Lentil Soup

I haven’t used my crock pot in about 4 years. I don’t know why, but I’m usually a quick cooking type of girl. But lately, I’ve been in the mood to try it.
This morning, I pulled it out, chopped up some onions (3 small), carrots (handful of baby size), and ham (about a cup), and threw them in the pot with a pound of lentils and 2 1/2 quarts of water. A little salt, pepper, and minced garlic, and I was done. It’s now in the garage (yep, garage… I have to stay away from the smell or I won’t be able to eat it by dinner time), cooking away. In a little bit I’m going to throw in some spinach and chopped tomatoes… I hope it turns out well! Ryan was excited to hear he was going to have a home cooked dinner tonight… YUM!


  • Cynthia

    That sounds soo good, I think I will try that one night! How long in the Crock-pot and on Low or High? I am cooking some wine chicken tonight, we will see how that goes πŸ™‚ Sounds yummy and I hope you can enjoy it!!

  • Elle

    Ooh, yum. How did it turn out?

    My mother gave me a crock pot recently; she had an extra. I used it once, but I didn't really like the result; I probably should have used ingredients I actually like. Since then I haven't been organized enough to prepare dinner in the morning.

  • Suzanne Jeanette

    It turned out well! and I even ate leftovers already today for lunch!

    Cindy, I put it on low and cooked it about 9 hours, but it could have been eaten sooner.

    Elle, I know what you mean, it is hard to be organized in the morning.. but I think I'll try again since this time it worked out so well. πŸ™‚

  • Suzanne Jeanette

    oooh, one more thing. next time I would use bacon instead of the ham… it was cooked to begin with and it got too chewy being in there for a long time.

  • Elle

    So you inspired me: we're having crock pot beef stew tonight. I know beef stew is more of a fall dish, but that's what I wanted. So I got my act together and got the ingredients last night, and I put it all together this morning, and now I'm sitting in the dining room working and smelling the stew cooking and omg, it smells good. Maybe this will motivate me in the future…

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