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Unplugged. For the most part.

I caught a bug last week.  It’s called bloggers block.  I just. couldn’t. write.  Weird, I know.  So I spent a little time on some fun projects for the boys.

I finally made my 90 minute shirt.  Two of them, actually.  They turned out great (for a first attempt) I think.  More on those later this week.

I checked out a local thrift shop for some refashioning ideas, made a cute outfit for Baby Bug (sneak peek below) with a 95 cent mens shirt, and scored some groovy new shorts for my Super Man.  Woo Hoo!

I had been neglecting my friends, so I caught up on emails and Facebook. 

I made a TON of baby food so we have more of a variety than just pears and sweet potatoes.

I took a LOT of pictures with our new point and shoot camera.  I’m learning how to use its extra features. 

I redesigned my blog.  Again.

And now I’m back.  Oh yes, I’m back.


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