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Trashy Family Seeks Forgiveness, UP-cycling anyone?

Lately I’ve fallen by the wayside as far as my carbon footprint goes.

Going green has gotten so trendy, marketing campaigns everywhere are trying to hook people with their more environmentally friendly this or that. It’s all kind of hokey to me. I care about the planet, and I want to keep it clean and safe for my kids and their kids, but I don’t’ want to buy saran wrap that’s twice as expensive just because it’s “eco-friendly”. I’d rather just not buy any in the first place.

I am wasteful. We are a trashy family (or maybe I should say garbage-y, huh?). We use paper plates, paper napkins, paper towels, Styrofoam cups, and plastic utensils like crazy. My kitchen drawers have four sizes of plastic baggies, parchment paper, wax paper, aluminum foil, glad press ‘n seal, and more. Baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, glass cleaning wipes, disposable “swiffer” cloths for dusting and mopping. I even have special pacifier wipes for Nathan, and “Boogie Wipes” for the boys when they are sick. As I’m writing this I am getting really disgusted. That is a lot of trash.
I need to do something about it. But, more on that later.

Right now, I’m excited about a few Eco-Friendly projects of my own.
I just learned the term Up-Cycling, and I love it! Instead of recycling, it is a way of reusing something old, and turning it into something better. For example, turning an t00 small t-shirt of yours into a shirt or pants for you kid. And that is exactly what I am going to do!

First, I am on a hunt through the house for old clothes, blankets, towels, and anything I might be able to upcycle.

old maternity corduroys = cute new pants for lucas and a hat for nathan
too small striped long sleeve shirt = fun shirt for nathan
thermal baby blanket = pj shirts for lucas and nathan.

I’ve got more and more ideas to come, I hope I have time to make them all!

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  • Tony, Cindy, and Bailey

    There are soo many cool things out there!! I have been researching making detergent! We have already switched over ALL cleaners. I think any steps are good steps, Cloth Diapering, using SS water bottles for the kids, etc (plus it is soo much cheaper!). I love the concept of upcycling (it was a large topic of discussion when I was in school, make sure to take before and after photos (I know you will!)

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