Just Call Me the POO Queen

Ladies and Gentlemen…………

Drum Roll Please!

We have converted to cloth diapers!

Yes, I will be getting down and dirty with lots of poo from now on. Up close and personal people. Just me, the poo, and our very old washer and dryer.

My instructions to Ryan were: This is how you fold them, this is how you snap them, when you change him, take these apart and put them here. If it’s POO, yell for ME. Yep, just call me the POO Master. The POO Queen. POO Mama. There’s no POO I can’t handle. You POO, I clean. Oooh yeah, I’m ready for this!


  • Tony, Cindy, and Bailey

    That is awesome!! That is how I feel all the time also!! Crazy how POO becomes such a topic of discussion, right??!! (For mommies atleast, I never thought before that I would care, now, I believe it comes up in conversation like several times a day!!… Congrats on the CDing- you will have no regrets!

  • Elle

    Keep us updated on how it goes. I really want to use cloth diapers, but we're still debating; Kevin isn't convinced yet, and it would really only be feasible if we live in a place with our own washer/dryer

  • Hannah

    You're amazing!! I'm so sick of buying diapers for 2, it's very tempting! Either that or Audrey needs to get potty trained πŸ™‚ Miss you guys! Nathan is adorable!

  • Sara

    Hi there! My friend Amy told me about your blog. Neat! I use cloth diapers, too (Fuzzi Bunz). It is an adventure, but before you know it, it will be old hat.

  • Suzanne Jeanette

    We are doing good so far… My only trouble now is that Lucas wants to wear them too.. I only bought 12 BG pocket diapers. So, two kids, twelve diapers = a LOT of laundry! I need to order more. Anyone have suggestions? I'm thinking either flips or GrowBaby.

  • Tony, Cindy, and Bailey

    Hmmm…hard decision!! Flips are great and pretty slim. My friend said they are excellent for when they start to crawl and walk. You will always have to do the BG's at night most likely. Flips are cheaper than the GB's by quite a bit…I mean $16.95 versus $24.95. Also another Flip plus is you can use all the BG inserts in the Flips (which is cool for doubling up–or using the inserts anytime with fleece covering the microfiber or more flip inserts for like $5 each). I really like the Grobaby's though!! I like their company and their customer service and their products. I think they are just more expensive… I feel like they have a good fit. Honestly though trying to re-use the covers with these has not been as successful as I have wanted it to be with the Gro-Baby and with the Flips they are easy to wipe out and re-use. So overall, I guess I would say Flips (as I cringe when I say this because I still love GB's) Let me know what you choose!! Soo hard!!

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