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Nathan is One Month Old… and I am 30!

Nathan had his one month doctor appointment on Monday. He weighed 10 lbs, 14 oz, and was 22 inches. So, he has already gained 2 1/2 pounds and one inch! He is growing great, and doing really well. One thing we are a little worried about is his constant grunting and gassiness. He seems quite uncomfortable much of the time, so we are trying some probiotics once a day, and I am going to cut more foods out of my diet (dairy, soy, etc). Hopefully things improve on that end but over all he is doing very well. He is a good sleeper and eater. Last night he slept for 5 1/2 hours, his longest stretch yet. Too bad I didn’t go to bed when he did… I was up till about 11 so I only took advantage of a couple hours in a row. The rest of the night he woke up every two hours!
He is starting to interact with us a little more. We have had a few “real” smiles now, and he seems to be making some little faces at us sometimes. He likes to listen to us talk and sing to him, and loves watching our faces. He is such a good little baby. He even is happy to sit in his bouncy seat or swing when his tummy isn’t bugging him.

Sooo… in other news… I am 30. Ugh. Everyone (everyone older than 30 that is) says the 30s are the best years, so I am hoping so! I’m thinking they are going to be a little foggy with all this sleep deprivation and focus on the kids for awhile, but I am excited nonetheless. I am happy and proud to have so much to show for my 30 years. Two wonderful little boys that Ryan and I are raising together, already an accomplishment but an exciting challenge as well.
Celebrations were a bit spread out this year. My family’s get-together was canceled when my parents and brother ended up with a bad flu and were confined to their house for a few days. Ryan took me out with the boys and I got to pick out some new sunglasses (prescription, yay!) and some other fun stuff. We also got together with Ryan’s family over last weekend to celebrate, and went to the pumpkin patch with the kids. They had a hay ride, a train ride, music, a maze, and lots of animals. It was a lot of fun! Now we are back to the daily routine, or at least trying to find a daily routine…..

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  • J

    Have you tried mylicon or gripe water with Nathan yet? I watched a baby for a little while that I SWEAR was always trying to poop or fart. lol! He was always all scrunched up and grunting. Both those things helped a lot. I'm pretty sure the gripe water is like a natural homeopathic thing, and the mylicon is super safe.

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