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Once a Month Cooking?

So I have been wanting to try the once a month cooking thing. As a small baby step, I spent two hours cooking – brocolli soup, turkey meatballs (made some into meatball soup and some just plain), eggplant sandwiches, and homemade chicken nuggets for Lucas. I packed it all up in freezer bags and plastic containers and stuck it in the freezer and we have been eating it all week.

What I discovered is…. this is addicting! I want to do more! The hard thing is finding the large chunk of time needed to prepare all the food. If I were actually going to cook for the whole month I think I would need an entire day, not just two hours. Another thing I learned, this has to be very carefully planned out, like I need step by step instructions to save time and not use every pot and pan in the kitchen.

I’m going to try this again soon, hopefully next time I will make more meals, plan better, and get some photos too!

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