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The little things…

Apparently, when you are a four year old, staying at a hotel is just about as fun as going to Disneyland.  There are new rooms, appliances, switches, windows, closets, furniture, and more to explore.  So I was VERY happy to have two excited boys despite the pouring rain and gusty wind that greeted us on arrival to San Diego last weekend.
Apparently, San Diego only gets about 10 inches of rain a year (according to a travel blog I read) and I think all ten inches fell when we were there.  So we jumped on the beds, turned on and off the fans, heater, and lights about two hundred times, and I practiced some more with my new camera and some pretty light coming in the window.

I love the haziness of these  photos.  It looks almost magical.  These are the moments I want to remember about vacations with my family – the excitement for the little things.  We will remember the zoo, the beaches, the parks, but these little moments are special too, and I am having so much fun capturing them.

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