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Night Life

When Ryan and I were dating, one of our favorite hang out spots was Universal City Walk.  We would grab some take out and eat it up above the crowd, watching the big screen and all of the LA people walking by.  We’d window shop, pick out our favorite Jelly Belly flavors at the candy store, and explore Glow for new club-going accessories.  Sometimes we would hang out at the Piano Bar if we felt the need to follow the crowd.

Those days are over for awhile now.  Married with two kids, we don’t see much of the night life scene. But on the way home from San Diego last week we hit some traffic right near Universal City – it was perfect timing, so we took the boys for their first visit to this spectacular place.
Watching them explore was so much fun.  Their eyes looking upwards taking in every single flashing light, the ginormous screen playing music videos, the endless aisle of moving and blinking neon signs – it was like a little boys dream.  At least, my little boys’ dream – as they are currently obsessed with all things light up and flashy.

Lucas rode the escalator with me at least 20 times.  Him, beyond happy that I was allowing this fun adventure, and me, loving the moment through my lens.  This is my kid – 100% authentic Lucas.  This is what makes him happy, and I’ve captured it forever.  I love his the way he thinks and his excitement for exploring his world.

And then there was Nathan – who just comes alive when there is water nearby.  This is his dream – running through the water, watching it shoot through the pipes and blast into the air, getting soaked to the core.  The kid drew a crowd around him.  People were taking his picture, laughing at his animated expressions as water shot through his toes and up to his face.  Maybe he will be a performer some day.

We headed home with soggy happy kids, a fun end to an already wonderful family vacation.  I feel blessed to live where we do.  City Walk – we will see you again soon!


  • Jenny McMullin

    Remember when we went there with Brian and Jasie right when I first met Brian?! And now Jasie is a full on grown up. So crazy!

    • Suzanne

      I know, life is SO different now! I remember that night – lots of fun. 🙂 We need to go back there someday if you guys are out this way.

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