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Kale Chips

Crispy Kale Chips

Running out of ideas to use up your Kale? Here’s one of my favorite ways to cook it.  Kale makes delicious and crispy chips – perfect for a healthy snack any time of day.  When it’s right out of the oven, even my boys will eat it!

Kale Chips

1 bunch of Kale

Olive Oil

Sea Salt – to taste

Wash the kale, chop into large bite size pieces, and dry thoroughly in a salad spinner. I also lay it out to try on a kitchen towel to evaporate any remaining water.  The less moisture on the leaves, the easier it crisps up in the oven.

Coat all leaves evenly with a light coating of oil and lay out on a cookie sheet.  It’s easiest to just toss with the oil using your fingers  or a pair of tongs- much like when tossing dressing on a salad.

Sprinkle on salt (use less than you think you need – greens tend to shrink dramatically in size when cooked so it’s easy to add too much seasoning if you are not careful)

Bake in oven (I used convection setting) at 375 for 15 – 20 minutes.  Check half way through and toss again if necessary.

Enjoy!  and lick those fingers when you’re done. 🙂


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