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It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if I didn’t list some things that I am thankful for. I feel so lucky, so blessed, and so grateful for everything in my life. As I watch my boys grow and change every day, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest mother alive.

I am thankful for:

My husband, his constant kindness and patience, his willingness to work hard and take care of our family, and his unconditional love.

My children, their energy and love for life, the excitement they share with me every day, the ability to watch them learn and grow, and the things I learn from them every day.

My parents. Their nearness. Always there when I need them. Their yummy food. Their constant encouragement and love. Daily conversations with my mom. The joy they have in spending time with my boys.

Ryan’s parents. Their willingness to help and be there for us any moment of the day. Their love for their grandchildren. The way they raised my wonderful husband.

Good health. Myself, Ryan, my children, my extended family, and our friends.

Our home. A place to call our own. A place for our children to grow up. A place to make memories for years to come.

Ventura. I couldn’t ask to live anywhere more perfect. Our weather, the ocean, the mountains, our neighbors, I love it all.

Wonderful friends. Old friends and new friends. Mom friends, work friends, couple friends, just me friends. I feel blessed to have them all.

My camera. My computer. My office. My super soft and comfy bed. My favorite jeans with rips in the knees. My bread machine. Trader Joes. Blogs. Barnes and Noble. Target. Gluten Free Pasta. The park down the street. 3 hour naps. Chocolate. Nathan’s pacifier.

The list goes on…

Thank you friends. Thank you family. Thank you Ryan, Lucas, and Nathan.

Thank you Heavens. Thank you Earth.

Thank you for my many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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