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Two Hundred Times

Do you remember Creativity Boot CampI did it last year and loved it, so this year I am doing it again.  Wonderful Maegan of Madeline Bea has designed this course to help her readers develop their own creativity.  It has been four days and it is so much fun.  I have never considered myself an artist, especially with pens or paints and paper.  I can’t draw for the life of me.  But this week I am being nudged to try it, and as I follow the assignments I remember a little bit about myself as a child, how I loved to color and make designs on paper.  For some reason I gave it up, thought I wasn’t good enough to keep going I guess.  Now as a “grown-up” I get to try it again.  I know pushing myself out of my comfort zones in these areas will help me open up to more creativity in other areas of my life – writing, photography, and other creative outlets.  I am looking forward to the rest of Maegan’s course over the next week and a half!

Here is a little bit of what I have done so far…

Prepping pages with color for later work
Watercolor paints, pencils, and brushes
Painting Like a Child - Day 2
Disasterpiece - Day 2
Doodling, Day 3
Doodling Detail, Day 3

AND….. as I just sat down to write this post I noticed that it is my 200th post on this blog!  I have clicked PUBLISH 2oo times.  I can’t believe it, I don’t even know how many I was up to when I was on blogger, I never paid attention… but this is amazing considering I’ve hardly written in the last year or so.  Trying to change that though – writing is in my blood, and if I don’t do it, my soul starts to ache!  Woo hoo, here’s to (hopefully) more writing soon…


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