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Finger Painting

For Mother’s Day this year we decided to hand make some cards for everyone. The paper was designed and created by Lucas. Here are some photos of his first attempt at finger painting.

We started at the kitchen table, but ended up with paint on the chair, the wall, and all over him…

So we moved it outside where we had a little more space and room for messiness.

Ruffy and Gizmo were very curious as to what we were doing as well.

Lucas loved squishing the paint between his fingers and toes.

I had to hold on to him to direct his hands to the paper, otherwise we would have had a rainbow colored back yard.

We smeared color after color, made hand and foot prints, and had so much fun!

When it was time to clean up, Lucas wanted to head in the house….

We attempted a quick cleanup, but that didn’t work.

This kid really needed a bath!

Sorry, no pictures in the tub, but I’m sure you can imagine what color the water ended up when he was all cleaned off!

Here are some photos of our masterpieces!

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