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Blueberry Day

I think the whole neighborhood heard Lucas’ shriek when I asked him if he would like blueberries in his smoothie yesterday morning.  After being deprived of his favorite food for two weeks, he was ecstatic to be reunited with those tasty little berries.  After the smoothie he asked for trail mix (with dried blueberries) and happily chomped on them for about a half an hour.  He successfully snuck them into quite a few snacks by the time the day was over. It was so fun to see my happy kid eating his favorite food again.

Now that it has been two weeks on the elimination diet, we are slowly transitioning to more of a rotation diet with Lucas.  As we begin to add a few foods back in to his diet and determine whether or not they have an affect on his eczema, we need to rotate the days that he eats them to help his body adjust well and treat them as nourishing foods rather than immune invaders.  So, he will have to wait a couple days for more blueberries, but that’s better than two weeks, right?!

SO… on a very happy note, and I’m a little bit afraid to jinx myself, but I have to say I think things are getting better.   A couple days ago, his skin started feeling smoother but was still crazy red.  Then yesterday it seemed a little less red.  And today even less red again.  When I looked at him this morning I wanted to do a happy dance.  When I see his face I see my sweet little boy again, not puffy eyes and blotchy cheeks.  It is SO VERY REFRESHING and reassuring to have some progress happening here.  SO.  Onward and upward!  Only more good will come of this whole crazy diet thing now!

I’m off to the kitchen for some new random recipe creations…..  gonna go see what I can make with some amaranth flour. 🙂

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  • Heather

    Hooray!!!!!! I thought Lucas looked great on Friday. Nice job to both of you. It’s not easy doing an elimination diet. I’m so happy it’s helping !!!

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