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    Millet grits for breakfast

    One of my favorite breakfast foods right now is millet grits.  I buy the Bob’s Red Mill brand – they are very similar to polenta or corn grits, and can be eaten the same way.  I love mine hot with raw pecans, coconut milk, frozen organic raspberries, and a…

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    The wildflowers we planted last spring are starting to bloom again, and I just can’t take my eyes off of them.  Their colors are so rich and vibrant, a blessing from mother nature for sure.  The boys love to pick them and share them with anyone who drops by…

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    herb garden photos

    I love my herb garden.  I have a little patch out in our front yard that I’m dreaming of turning into a sensory garden for the kids one day.  Right now it is mostly herbs

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    He made cookies

    Question of the Day:  What do you get when you give a four year old free reign of the kitchen and permission to invent his own recipe?? Answer: A delicious smelling, sort of okay but not really good tasting cookie that is decidedly put in the freezer to “save…

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    I’m a little bit in love right now.  With, well, life in general I guess.  I’m feeling inspired, motivated, healthy, and energetic.  I’m more confident and less fearful.  More willing to take some risks.  More open to opportunity, friendships, changes, and just allowing myself to be ME.  I’m doing…