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I’m a little bit in love right now.  With, well, life in general I guess.  I’m feeling inspired, motivated, healthy, and energetic.  I’m more confident and less fearful.  More willing to take some risks.  More open to opportunity, friendships, changes, and just allowing myself to be ME.  I’m doing it friends, I’m really doing it!

I’ve spent the last few days on a caffeine induced mission to tackle my to do list, and I’m feeling very accomplished right now.  I’ve caught up housework, cooked and restocked the freezer with the boys pancakes, oatmeal, bread, and french toast.  I’ve cleaned out closets and put away unused toys. I planted the summer garden.  I’ve marked off three days on the calendar for Nathan’s potty training party.  I’ve got the sewing machine out to start some projects for myself and the kids.  AND… I’m on the verge of beginning my new venture into fermenting and culturing veggies, kefir, and yogurt.

Mostly, I’m just really excited because I’m spending more and more time on my passion for photography.  I’m getting lots of practice and feedback from friends and some awesome teachers as well. It is SO. MUCH. FUN!



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