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For the GOOD things in my life.

For the planet I live on.  For the beautiful ocean just miles from my home.

For the feeling of our cold almost winter air against my face, because it reminds me that I am alive.

I am thankful for the many gifts God has given me.

My children.  My talents.  My challenges.

My sore screaming muscles, as they remind me that I am getting stronger.

My health struggles, because they have made me healthier and smarter.

I am thankful that I don’t have everything figured out just yet.

And for the time I do have to spend on that quest.

I am thankful for every breath I take, and every moment spent with the ones I love.

Going into this Thanksgiving it is my intention to be present each day.  To take mental photographs of the ordinary moments and tuck them deep into my memory to pull out years from now when these boys of mine are taller than I am and things like legos and elmo costumes are of the very distant past.

I hope that I can savor these days of motherhood, the sweet innocence in my boys faces, the wet kisses and giant hugs.  The bedtime stories and twinkle twinkle little stars.  It feels like we are rushing forward at the speed of light, and it is all I can do to reach out and embrace the moments as they pass.

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