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In Search Of “Ah Ha!”

I have struggled with my health for years.  Years.  Years.  and more Years.  After my diagnosis of Celiac disease and the start of my gluten free diet in 1999, I gradually started to feel better.  But I never got the point where I felt GREAT.  I never had that moment where I felt like a new person.  Like I was so much better.  And I’ve wanted that so badly.

I’ve known that I have issues with dairy and soy products and I have tried on and off to eliminate them.  I quit eating cows milk products about four or five years ago, and switched to goat and sheep products.  But I still cheated on and off with things like ice cream, coffee drinks, and a little bit of cheese here and there.  I also stopped eating tofu, edamame, and miso products to reduce the amount of soy in my diet.  Again, I have cheated on and off, and I still use a lot of soy based products like margarine, oils, and everything else soy hides in.

Lately I have been feeling like I need a push in the right direction.  Something to make me actually eliminate these foods from my diet for good.  Turning 31 sort of made me realize I am not a kid anymore.  I need to step up and take responsibility for my health and how I’m feeling.  I need to make some changes so that I do have that “ah ha” moment where I realize how good I can actually feel.  That’s what I’m striving for.

I read this post from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom today.  It lit a little spark inside me, making me wish even more for that moment where I realize that I feel better than I ever have in my life.  So, I’m going for it.  A challenge to myself.  To feel absolutely AMAZING.

For the next month, in addition to being gluten free, I will eat 100% dairy free, soy free, egg free, and (almost) vegan – with the exception of turkey, fish, and shellfish.  And yes, I know thanksgiving falls in this time frame.  This will involve a LOT of personal strength and will power.  But I can do it.  I owe it to my body.

And… I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of this month!

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