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Oh the Times, They Are a Changin’

Growing and changing every day, my little Lucas does not cease to amaze me. I am so proud of him, he is such a strong, happy, active, loving, and good natured little boy. He is the light of my life, I love to watch him grow and learn and change. Lately I feel like he has really turned into a little boy, he’s lost that baby face, and the baby fat. He’s got these muscular legs, covered in blonde hair now. He is so much more confident in his actions every day. He knows what he wants, and is determined to get it.
He is so happy, and he smiles all the time. He loves to copy the sounds we make…. “whoa, wow, ahh”, and has learned to say “yeah” and “no no no no no”. He makes animal sounds too… for dog, cat, monkey, cow, elephant, etc… etc…. He is facsinated by bugs and loves to play “shoo fly”.
He has started using his potty too. We broke down and bought one that plays music and has a big smiley face, a handle to flush, and lots of bright and happy colors. He loves it, and he loves to use the potty all day long. I don’t think we’re anywhere near official potty training, but he really was interested in it, so we are starting slowly and just going at his pace.
Lucas has been helping me set up his baby brother’s room. We just do a little bit at a time, going through clothes, toys, gifts we’ve received, and putting things away. He likes to play with the toys and clothes as we go through them.
I love the above expression! It looks like he just realized he’s going to have some competition for attention VERY soon.
And here he is again, so proud of himself for turning on and off the light behind him – his new favorite thing to do – door locks, light switches, buttons, you name it and he’s pushing it.
I have to explain the hair as well…. he had just woke up from a nap with a sweaty head of hair, so we did a quick “bed head” style, and it was so cute we had to take these pictures.
Look at that smile! My little boy, my wonderful, adorable, sweet, perfect little boy. Every night when we tuck him in bed now, after the lights are out and before we leave the room we say “mama loves you, daddy loves you” and he wants us to repeat it over and over. “mama?” he says, and I say “mama loves you”, and he says “daddy?”, and I say “daddy loves you”, “mama?, daddy?” We tell this little boy we love him a thousand times a day, and it is never enough to express just how much we really love him. Mommy loves you Lucas!

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