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on increasing my weird factor, on purpose.

This year is moving so fast.  Did you know that it’s almost half over?  Our lives are moving so fast.  Time is flying by and every time I blink I feel like I miss something.  Lately I feel this need and desire to pull back a bit.  Slow down.  Do less, and experience more. Stray off the beaten path just a little.

I just feel that for some reason, my current state of weirdness is not enough.  I want more.  I want to be weirder.

Don’t worry.  It’s not like I’m going to go live in a grass hut.

We are a high tech family and that will never change.  I love that I can turn on our sprinkler system, check the video monitor, or change the heater settings in the house from my iphone.  I love that Lucas is learning his ABC’s via Sesame Street software on his own little computer.  In many ways, I follow and represent mainstream culture.  I drive a Honda.  I live in my designer jeans and converse, and my iphone is always in my back pocket.  I am addicted to Ikea and Amazon.  I shop at Target – all the time. I read books on my kindle.  I update my blog on my hubby’s iPad.  I stay connected with friends on facebook. I speed through my day, trying to keep up, trying to be super mom, and trying to give my all to my kids and family.  Sounds normal, right?

But, beyond those things, deeper into our days and within the intermingling thoughts and ideas that make us who we are, we are moving farther from the mainstream.  And I really am loving it.

It took me the first 28 years of my life to finally understand that the world is not like high school – that being different is actually a good thing.  That being an individual makes us interesting  and that others will actually respect us for it.  It took me becoming a mother.  On January 7th, 2008 at 5:50pm I looked at my newborn baby and I changed into a new person.  Overnight I became stronger.  I began to question EVERYTHING.  And I made a conscious decision to stop following the mainstream and follow my hear instead.  To be an individual.  To be an example.  Now, nearly four years later, I am craving even more change.  Who knows what this desire will bring!


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