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thank you, 2011

I’d like to say Thank You to 2011.  Thank you for all the lessons I’ve learned, the new experiences I’ve gained, the friendships I’ve developed, and for the wealth of love that I have been able to give to and receive from my family.  It has been a special year for me.  I made a big resolution last year, and I actually followed through with it for 12 months.  As a result, I’ve finished this year with a clearer picture of my goals, a more peaceful heart and mind, and a path that I can see myself on for a long time.  I’ve grown into my own person just a little more, and I feel like my feet are sturdily set in the foundation of my future.  So, thank you again 2011.  You’ve been good to me.

In reflection, I’ve posted some of my favorite photos from over the last 12 months.  Happy New Year!

(these are just thumbnail versions, click individual photos to see full image)

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