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Easy Peasy Garlicky Shrimp Pasta – Gluten Free

Not just peas and carrots...

I haven’t been in the mood to cook dinner lately.  There are so many other things I’d rather be doing between 4 and 6pm – playing with the kids, doing laundry and housework, catching up on Pinterest…   I knew today would be no different.  So, with a spurt of creative energy (and kids happily playing with legos) around 10am, I dove into the freezer and invented a delicious new pasta dish.  Too bad it was gone before dinner.


Easy Peasy Garlicky Shrimp Pasta

4 cloves of garlic – crushed

olive oil – about a tablespoon

1 cup shredded carrots

1/2 – 1 cup of frozen peas, depending on how much you like peas…

1 bag of frozen precooked shrimp – defrosted (I used trader joes large shrimp – tail off)

1 8oz box of gluten free pasta – I used Ancient Harvest’s corn-quinoa elbows

salt, pepper, and grated Romano cheese (optional)

Saute garlic in olive oil for a few minutes, then add carrots and cook until soft – about 3-5 mins. Add shrimp and continue to cook about another 5 minutes, or until moisture is reduced from the pan.  Cook pasta according to package directions.  Add frozen peas to boiling pasta for the last 2-3 minutes of cooking time.  Drain pasta and peas and combine with shrimp mixture.  Add salt and pepper as  needed.   If you are a cheese lover, top with Parmesan or Romano and enjoy!

My whole family loved this.  Nathan shouted “Moa! Moa!” and Lucas made me promise to save some for him to eat later too.  Ryan and the boys ate this with cheese on top and loved it.  I ate it without and thought it was great as well.  The shredded carrots cooked quickly and were a really nice addition to the garlic and shrimp flavors.  We will be eating this one again and again!

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