Five Months!

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This boy.  He is the light of my life.  Seriously.  That smile, those eyes, the chubby little fingers that grab on to everything the comes near.  His teeny tiny nose, his soft fuzzy hair.  I love him more than I could ever explain.  And he sure loves me too. 

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Mathew… 12 weeks already

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untitled shoot-218

Today is twelve weeks since this sweet boy came into our lives.  His smile makes me smile a thousand times a day.  Last night, I got to smile at him at midnight, again around one, again at two, then three, four, and five AM.  I got up at 6am and gave him to his

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Apparently today will not be Mathew’s birthday. He is waiting. He is happy and safe and wiggly in my belly at this very moment. Two trips to the hospital, hours on the monitors, sleepless nights, and he is still waiting.

Ok kiddo. It’s ok with me. Message received loud and clear

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Mathew Belly :)

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This pregnancy has flown by faster than I can believe.  I’m 34 weeks right now, which means this kiddo could be coming anywhere between 3-6 weeks from now.  I wanted to document every bit of this experience as I know this guy will be our last baby, but life, morning sickness, gestational diabetes

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Nature School

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I went to a Charlotte Mason seminar in Santa Barbara awhile ago, looking for some ideas to add to our homeschool year ahead.  I came home determined to find a place for our own “Nature School”.  A place for the kids to visit year round – for them to see the changes of the seasons

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Library Peace…. Finally!

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It only took us 5 years but we finally had a successful (peaceful) trip to the library.  The boys are growing up!  Our usual trips would end with someone standing on a table or building a fort out of pillows and librarians giving me “the look”, but this time everything worked.  Maybe

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Nathan at 32 Months

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A few things I want to remember about Nathan at this age.

His long hair, how it stands up in the morning, how he likes to style it like a rooster, how it falls in his eyes and how I love to push it out of his face a hundred times a day.  How he screams when

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Mother’s Day 2013

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We spent Mother’s Day this year drinking tea, swimming at the pool and eating hot dogs covered in sauerkraut.  It was pretty much perfect.

I love this picture of my grandma.  The boys call her Gigi and she is as hip as they come. 

My mom, me, and the boys.

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happy fun boys

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Some of the best things in life are so simple.  Take out food at the park.  Flying a foam glider with friends.  Taping it back together twenty times until it’s broken in so many pieces it cannot be fixed.  Tickles from your dad.  Watching your boys

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