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After a momentary freak out on my part Friday morning, I knew I needed a little help. One week of constant cooking and trying to figure out what to feed our family on this elimination diet had taken it’s toll on me. So I did what needed to be done. I took the boys on a trip to my sanity saving grocery store. The last few days have been much smoother on the cooking front, and for that I’m thankful. So naturally I had to write a thank you note. :)

Dear Whole Foods Market,

Thank you.

For your endless supply of healing lotions and creams, complete with testers for little boys with sensitive skin.

For hazelnut flour, sorghum flour, and teff flour when I thought I was out of options.

For coconut milk kefir and yogurt when I don’t have time to make it myself.

For ginormous organic cabbages that will soon become our home made sauerkraut.

For gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free cookies that make him smile and do his happy dance.

For Italian sausages made from chicken when pork is off limits.

For ground bison and lamb, because we really are running out of options.

For an entire two sided aisle of gluten free goodness.

For a quick peek at the new Toms shoes and organic clothing I lusted over as I headed to the baby wipes.

For the home made goats milk soap in my son’s favorite herbal combo – lavender and mint.

For the step stool at your bathroom sink, and the kind lady who was cleaning the floors and held the door open for my boys to enter.

For the fresh young coconuts that will soon be transformed in my kitchen to kefir water and coconut “cheese”.

For the lavender scented shopping cart sanitizer wipes that trick me into thinking I’m entering a spa to shop.

For making an impossible diet actually quite possible.

For giving hope in the form of new options, to a mom who was just a a millisecond away from losing her sanity had she been forced to feed her kids the same two foods for the zillionth time in one day.

Thank you. For safe and healthy food, household supplies, and body products. And for everything I needed to get through the next week on an elimination diet for my four year old son.

With gratitude,

Me and my hungry family :)

  • Cynthia A
    May 28, 2012

    Okay, my comment is gone… what??

  • Cynthia A
    May 28, 2012

    I was saying– I love this post, it made me giggle <3. I love Whole Foods but my wallet does not. Can we write to them about that also? :)

    • Suzanne
      May 29, 2012

      lol, yeah let’s work on that letter next! :)

      • Cynthia A
        May 29, 2012

        Okay, sounds awesome! :)

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